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We produce the organic products
for healthy future.


Fewer Pesticides

Farming uses virtually no pesticides and no artificial colours.

No Preservatives

No artificial food colours or preservatives in products.

GM Ingredient Free

Using of genetically modified organisms is banned by standards.

Free Range

Free range with cows in the picturesque meadows.
Our Organic Range

Top Rated Products

our farm tours

Follow the Grange
Cheese Trail

our farm tours

Follow the Grange Cheese Trail

We invite kids, families, corporate groups, young and adults to enjoy the sights and sounds of a real, working dairy farm. Our farm tours include our products tasting.

Tour #1

Welcome to cow farm. Well-being, healthy, happy cows produce more high-quality tasty milk.

Tour #2

Welcome to goat farm. Well-being, healthy, happy goats produce more high-quality tasty milk.
what we do

We create the finest gourmet cheese.

We produce more than 200 sorts of cheese. Every drop of milk we use in our production is from our certified organic farm.

Our  cows are grass-fed and safed from the highest standards of animal welfare seen in the farming industry. All of this combines to create cheese you can trust.

our blog & news

Cheese Making Recipes


Our Events

Be the first to get updates and news about all our featured events, nearest awards and tastings with our events calendar. World and local festivals, contests, showcases, meetings. Enjoy our cheese!

Apr, 2023

Royal Cheese Awards

New York April 7, 2023 08:00-May 18, 2028 17:00
Apr, 2022

Cheese Market

New York April 13, 2022 08:00-April 9, 2026 17:00


We make the creative solutions
for modern brands.